#1: Take Two

We all have moments of frustration, inhale, exhale and try again.

Sometimes our greatest moments are realized when at that moment, when we normally would have freaked out or said a string of “french” words, we’re able to rise above the occasion, smile and walk away.

Don’t get me wrong, its hard.

Hard NOT to say anything back, but in a way we’re fighting back and in the best possible way.  Your not a punk by turning away, instead it takes a lot more maturity. Yes, they are times that we need to say something, but in other situations we need to smile, hold in the fierce argument we have prepared and walk back. Quickly. (this part is extremely important). If we don’t, who knows what could happen.

So I smile and continue. Why? Because I’ve grown and God’s taught me that fighting the way I think I ought to, doesn’t always reap the best harvest.

Now, I’m going to find something sweet, sit back and let the music cradle me to sleep.

So What do you do to cool off? let me know, I’m always interested in adding something to my cool-off regime:)



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