#2: It Don’t Break Even

There is a show on MTV called  friendzone. To be honest, I didn’t know about the term “friendzone” until my freshman year in college. No, I’m not lying (lying takes a lot of effort my friend).

Luckily for me, I had two eager men who were willing to explain the foreign term. One of the guys was my suitor and the other, his friend and wingman.

As the two fellas took me on a crash course, I began to sit back and think about all the boys who I had unconsciously placed in the friend zone. All along I had been putting guys in this disgraceful zone and didn’t even know about it, but then it dawned on me, guys can do it too. This friendzone is a tricky one, and for the individual within that zone it sucks. Really sucks.

 Is it possible to get out? And if so, how? Well, that is what the MTV show is all about.

Individuals in love trying to see if their friend feels the same way. At times their friend has felt the same way all along, however, they are instances were the feelings are not reciprocated. That’s when it gets awkward. I’m a young lady and I can’t help but feel mortified when I watch they guys reject the girls. Sure everyone gets rejected at least once in their life but if you’re a girl, I thinks it’s a thousand times worse.

They are so many books out there on how women can get their man. This is the new age stupid, you want him? Well go get him. But could this be messing up with nature? I like it when I guy chases after me (yes, I believe in this archaic thought) why? Because I know  he wants me. I don’t have to play the guessing game and try to interpret his every thought or text or nonexistent phone calls.

I am a forward thinking woman but I’m smart enough not to try to fix something that’s not broken. Guys chase, and I’ll let them. Recently there was this guy who liked me, and he was a gentleman, complimented me, real sweet guy. However, I wasn’t into him. To make a long story short he’s mad at me. It hurt to tell him that I didn’t feel the same way about him as he did about me but I wouldn’t be doing any service to him or I.

I believe that God has a special person for us if we would sit and wait. I’ve put myself in some real hurtful situations because I picked and instead of wait. Worse part, deep down inside I knew he wasn’t the one. But his lips. Yes his lips.

Well in the end his lips weren’t worth it nor the pain he brought me. So my advice, listen to that little voice. In my case it was God saying No but my body saying yes. Being with someone doesn’t make you whole, you should be that by yourself.

It never breaks even, it doesn’t always have to break to. BUT, if it does, make sure you get the bigger piece lol.



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