#5: ‘Tis Nothing But A Fly

Ahh summer.

Beautiful weather, birds chirping, summer barbeques and FLIES.

I hate flies.

From a young age I have had a love-hate relationship with the outdoors. One moment I would be enjoying the fresh air and the next moment having a swatting war with a fly. Perhaps I am the only human being who hates flies with as much passion as I do. I like my burgers and my lemonade yet flies cannot let me have a few moments of serenity. In the grand scheme of things, I am sure they are a necessity for the food chain. However, I fail to see their importance at times when I’m at peace with my lunch.


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that annoy us and just the sheer fact knowing that they’re around that at times makes matters worse.

I can literally not eat at times If I know a fly is flying rampantly around my room. Seems stupid to outsiders but even in life, what may bug the crap out of one person means nothing to another. Let me not forget to mention how ridiculous I look when waffling around trying to kill the small pest but when the fly has been dealt with I feel better.

That’s what problems are sometimes. Small flies whizzing around in our life.

At times the problem may seem unsolvable but with a little persistent we can be the victor.

Now with that said, I am going off to kill my fly. Literally.



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