#6: Live Like We’re Dying

What is it about human beings that we only begin to live on the onset of death.

One of the worst things, in my opinion, would be to be old and laying on my death bed lamenting over all the things I wish I would have done.

I’m still young and the older I get; the more I realize that I need to seize the day.

Children are beautiful because they are not tied by social manners and so-called norms that inhibit us as adults from truly doing what we want to do.

We all fall prey to fear and rejection, and what the next individual may think. As a result, we wait until we’re seventy, sitting on a rocking chair and telling our grandchildren of all the opportunities we had but didn’t seize.

I find passion attractive (and in a sense we all do). We are amazed at someone who has refined their skill and we pay almost anything to see them at work. Examples you ask?


I am a huge soccer fan and I plan to be in Brazil 2014 for the world cup.

Soccer players are given huge checks for doing their job. They wake up, like everyone else, and interact with their colleagues and come back home. The only difference is their doing something they love and are passionate about. I find that breathtaking and along with other individuals, swallow the hefty fees to watch these individuals at work.

My point is I want to do something that I’m in love with. Works is by definition taxing, and can be mentally and physically challenging. Yet with all the strains of the job in mind, I want to look at myself at the end of the day and know it was all worth it.

Carpe Diem Boys and Gals,



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