#7: When Life Gives You Lemons

To Whom It May Concern,

I would ask that you please allow me to be candid for the duration of this blog.



Recently I received rather glum news. For the past few weeks, I was looking forward to continuing my communication degree and receiving my masters. As a recent college graduate, I had my eyes set on the next prize, my masters. Round 2.

Before I make this sound too much like a sappy tale, I am very grateful for what God has blessed me with. I graduated college owing nada, in a time when most students are sleeping with the enemy – college debt. But not I,  and for that I must say thank-you to God.

When I received my rejection  letter I was literally at a lost for words. Have you ever wanted something sooo bad and been working at a goal for so  long, only to come a hair short of realizing it. Well I know the feeling, and quite frankly it’s one of my least favorite emotions.  So with all my eggs in one basket (worst idea ever, but due to outside circumstances I was forced too) I am at square one.

I have cried. I have laughed. I have been angry and scared.  And I have cried some more.

For a little while I didn’t tell any family members. I would describe myself as an ambitious individual and this knock to the chest took the wind out of me. I eventually told my family and friends and like  great family and friends who care, they have all been nothing but encouraging and consoling. So for the past few weeks I have been coming up and scratching new ideas on what the next step ought to be. I’m praying God leads me because this little piglet has no clue what to do next. I know I want to do something that I’ll love now and for years to come.  That leads me with two very important attributes to consider when exploring a job.

I love talking and I love people. Learning from others excites me. I’m that person who knows no stranger, and my mom suggests I cool down the friendliness at times, but I really do receive joy from talking to others. The quest for my next step has begun and so have the questions.

I have no answers and I’m realizing that I won’t ever have all the answers.

At this time I’m getting a private lesson (courtesy of divine destiny) on making lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Cheers Girls and Boys.


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2 thoughts on “#7: When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. As someone who has also recently experienced a loss of my true “destiny” and ambition, I know the feeling very well. I just wanted to give you a small bit of advice that is a bit cliche but also very helpful: Everything happens for a reason; if one door closes, it is only so that another door, or even a window, can open for you. Sometimes hiccups in our life plan can help us take time to step back and evaluate who we are and what we value. Hope you are able to take this opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself.

    • Thank-you so much for this! When I read this, it made my day. Sometimes encouragement is all we need, and though I do not know you, I truly appreciate the kind and wise words. At the end, when all of this is done, It’s people like you that I will remember. Thank you, again.

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