#8: Black Beans

I’m black, and yes I’m a woman, and yes I have an afro.


That does not mean I like or am any of the following:

I.            Ghetto (in my opinion, being “ghetto” transcends color)

II.            Like rap

III.           Have Chicken and Greens as a staple in my diet (seriously, everyone likes Chicken)

IV.           Speak loudly (although I’m guilty of this when watching a soccer game)

V.            Wear Weave (clearly because I have an afro)

VI.           Obnoxious

VII.         Confrontational

VIII.            Immune to feelings (I cried in Lilo and Stich. Lol.  It’s a really old animated movie)

IX.            Uneducated (I graduated from college)

X.            Have a “baby daddy”

XI.            Have a name consisting of “niqua”

XII.         Listen to Erykah Badu (I think it’s the fro)

XIII.      Dance (I can dance, but this should not be an instant assumption)

The list could go on, but the point is we ought not to make swift decisions because of how someone looks before we know them. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve judged people and after spending time with them, found out that they’re a delight to be around with. I moved a lot as kid and thankfully I was exposed to different cultures and had friends who looked and didn’t look like me.

Growing up some people would tell me that I didn’t act or speak like a black person. As if that was a compliment. What am I supposed to speak or act like?? Perhaps I forgot the black manual back in the womb, and if that’s the case; it’s safe to say that I’m in a lot of trouble.

I love people of all different hues and cultures because that’s what makes life so interesting and fun. If we all looked the same, life would be boring and God knew that.  I always want to know about someone else’s culture and what they have to offer.

Also, because I’m a black woman does not mean I only like black men. I support equal opportunity and if a guy is attractive, he’s attractive. It’s 2012 but interracial dating/marriage are still taboo to some. I think society has become somewhat comfortable with black men and white women, or an Asian woman with a white guy but not so much a black woman. I don’t hate myself if I choose to date someone who doesn’t look like me. Instead, I love myself so much that I choose not to let your ill-advised opinion’s inhibit me from happiness. For some odd reason though, some black guys don’t understand the whole “afro” thing. It’s not a political statement. I just like my hair like that. On the other hand, guys who aren’t black don’t seem to find a problem with it. At the end of the day James Franco is just as sexy as Idris Alba, their gorgeous men in their own way. I won’t lie though; I get a spasm attack when I see a black woman with a guy who isn’t black because it was extremely rare until recently.

There’s always the question of a black woman ditching the black race (we’re all one race, different colors like Crayola). Also, it is possible that her bf/husband does not have a bad case of jungle fever. Perhaps they love each other just like any normal couple. It’s a wild and crazy idea I know.

So there you have it, black women can be educated, listen to something besides rap (anyone like Bon Iver?)  and they could be after your blue-eyed brother 😉 Watch out!

Cheers Friends


P.S Please pray I find my “black manual”.  I hear a test is coming up soon and I have a strong feeling that I may fail it.




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