#9: Boredom. Possible Recipe for Disaster

I remember as a kid telling my dad I was bored.  I quickly found out that my feelings should have been kept to myself as he scurried around with great haste, gathering a sufficient work load to cure me of this “boredom”.

Children are not the only ones who get bored. Adults get bored as well, and like children, boredom is not a friend that you should keep around for too long. What happens is we get bored and with that come a flood of ideas on how to fix the problem. Sometimes the ideas are superb, but sometimes due to boredom, we can make a rash decision that we regret later.

The Bible tells us that King David stayed at home, while there was a rampaging war, and instead of being at the forefront of the battle with his men, he opted to stay at home. Soon enough boredom invited himself as a guest and with one swift glance, King David was in bed with another man’s wife and plotting an innocent man’s death.

It’s true, boredom doesn’t always lead to such extremes but from experience I have made some bad decisions because I was “bored”.  Sometimes we get bored, and boredom refuses to wait. It wants to be gratified immediately, and anything done without thought never produces something good.

Such is waiting for love.

If we get bored, we can easily find someone to love. Someone to cuddle with, make Kodak perfect moments with, and share cutesy pastries with. However, most of the times were cheating us and the person that we’re with. Boredom put us together, and soon boredom, gets bored with us (the irony), ditches the relationship and leaves a battle field of hurt and scars.

The point is to be content with where you are in life. Content doesn’t mean you have no desire to do or try something new. Content means that your motivation behind doing anything isn’t driving by a fleeting moment of despair or a case of the “boreds”. It’s always the “why” that matters. The motivation behind why you did/didn’t do something.

These days I’m better equipped when boredom try’s to call. It’s called writing and the increase of trivial information that just might come handy one day.

Cheers Friends


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