The Pursuit of (Things)

Recently I was thinking on what makes me happy.

I sat on my bed Indian style, and began to think deeply about those things in my life that actually bring me joy.

In our society we have unfortunately following prey to the propaganda that “things” equal happiness. Truly when we say the pursuit of  happiness, we actually mean the pursuit of things.  Without the accumulation of “things” we are led to believe that we are  destined to a life of loneliness and unhappiness. These things are all different. For some its fame. For others it’s the quest to be beautiful (at least what’s considered “beautiful”) and for other individuals its wealth.

When your stripped of everything at the end of the day, it’s both a bitter-sweet moment. With nothing in your hands, you have the great opportunity to find out what makes you happy. Even happiness is  subjective. We’re happy because we got a job promotion or a new car. However, as soon as the muck starts flying, and everything in our lives turns bleak out goes our happiness.

Joy is the distant relative to happiness. While happiness needs something to jump off, joy stands proudly by its own, midst all the darkness.  Now I’m not saying things are bad. If you looked in my closet you would know that. What I am saying is, if our lives are defined by them, we have lived a that has been void of joy and peace.

I am still trying to learn this myself. You can be filled with joy when you have inner peace. When you have that peace, everything around you doesn’t always have to be going a-ok.

Hope you have a wonderful day boys and girls (with our without things)





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