#12: Awkward.

I wish there was a handbook on how to deal with awkward situations. Sadly there isn’t, so until then I must suffer in the silence and awkward chit chat when you see “that person”.

I am a very social person which makes awkward situations that much harder to swallow. Do you act like you didn’t see the person or do you stare at them until they notice you and then look away?

Normally I do a half-smile, sugesting that I can be civil but acknowledging that they’re not worth a full smile.

I may just be the only person who goes into this much thinking in a matter of seconds- and I can handle that. Thankfully I’m black and blushing isn’t quite an issue. On the other hand, if you felt my forehead you would think that I’m going through a severe heat flash.

Until I figure out how to endure seeing “that person” I will engage in awkward half smiles. I hope your awkward situations fair better than mine.

Cheers boys and girls!

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2 thoughts on “#12: Awkward.

  1. “thankfully i’m black and blushing isn’t quite an issue.”–you made me lol. 🙂

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