It’s That Time of The Year


Ladies and Gentleman,

It’s that time of the year: Presidential Elections.

I like politics. Theirs a certain rush of energy that surges through me hearing and watching the lastest rumblings in the political world.

With that said, I’m not naive. We can never truly know what an individual will do in office. We can only hope and vote with the little light of knowledge we have. I am strong believer, however, that what an individual DOESN’T say is just as important if not more crucial to their words.

That’s probably why I have a keen interest in the debates. It’s a side by side comparison of the canditates. Ties in place, suits tailored and the miniature American flags pinned, it’s a duel between sweet vernacular and icy calmness.

Watching the debate I felt sorry for Jim. Poor Jim. Having to moderate between both men, who at times were persistent in speaking over one another. I assume throwing something to get the attention of both men is archaic, but it’s an idea. I would have thrown a shoe.

Throwing a shoe is just classic.

My biggest notes is that Governor Romney is yet to state clearly what he intends to do. He’s waffling and I’ve always hated waffling. Waffling is how you get jumped. I remember learning a key nugget of truth at a young age.

Ask why.

Once I didn’t ask why my mom was calling me (although I should have known from her tone of voice) and I walked straight into spanking.

I said all that to illustrate the idea that knowing How and Why is key. I want to know how Romney plans to execute his proposed ideas and just not what they are. As for Obama, he didn’t seem top notch.

In the end time will tell. For the next few weeks it will be Hell for some, and for some of us, it’s time to pop the popcorn.

Cheers boy and girls!

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