#13: Sweet Aromas and Free Wi-Fi.

After much tribulation I have actually found a job. It’s part-time, but it’s something (before all you full-timers scoff at me).

If someone would have told me that the real world eats its young, I might have not been so eager to graduate on time. College is somewhat of a warm womb, equipped with all paid expenses and a comfy environment. Just finding an apartment that was decent had my fro frazzled.

At the moment I’m using wi-fi from the coffee store across the street. Might I add that I’m sitting at Starbucks yet I’m using another stores wi-fi. They must be some kind of coffee ethic code that I’m breaking.

With that all said, thank God for coffee stores. A sweet haven filled with robust Colombian scents and free wi-fi for those of us who can’t afford our own internet.

The part-time job is exciting. I want to work in TV and Radio and God has given me a foot in the door. All great people come from humble beginnings and this is mine. The dots will connect soon and in the meantime I must be thankful for what I do have.

So for whoever has stumbled on this page, join me as I cross my fingers to find another job. I have rather expensive taste, and on a paupers budget something will have to give. I have a strong feeling that It will be hard to give up my taste, so I’m gonna plant a money tree. I’m sure they are magic beans sold at the Farmers market and when I find them I will plant my tree and money issues will be a thing of the past.

Wishful thinking. Can’t blame a girl for dreaming.

Today is Monday and that means one day closer to the weekend.

Cheers boys and Gals

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