#15: My Dirty Little Secret.

I had a reason behind starting this blog. I love writing and sharing my opinions, but I especially like writing poems. As in spoken word and finger snapping. Not a lot of people know that I write, not even some of my closest friends. Writing poetry followed after one of the worst periods in my life.

It happened in a moment and by the time I was done writing I was left with a masterpiece. A collection of all my pent-up feelings, the things I wished I could speak out loud but didn’t quite know how to say it.

With that said I have finally decided to put on my big girl panties and actually post a poem. Now I have to be honest, I have thought about someone stealing my words or intellectual property as Google puts it. However, I recently found a website where I can insure my words are attributed to me. That just means don’t steal. It’s not nice kids. If you like it (which I hope you do) please credit it to me.

I would be much obliged. So here goes..fingers crossed:

Humbled, I wait.

I held my pen to the paper,

What used to be a magical moment,

A synchronization of heart and words,

Is now a tedious task,

An awkward string of formalities,

Having taken for granted what used to come so easy,

My pen becomes limp between two fingers,

No longer is there harmony,

And after two hours,

My paper still lays empty.

I’m grasping and inhaling,

Trying to revitalize,

That which was just alive,

But my attempts prove futile,

And now I sit, humbled.

Believing my talent would wait,

Ignorant to what I once possessed,

I am Humbled and I wait.

© Aisha Nicole 2012

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7 thoughts on “#15: My Dirty Little Secret.

  1. justjabari says:

    very lyrical…my favorite part. Applies on so many levels

    –> “Having taken for granted what used to come so easy,

    My pen becomes limp between two fingers,

    No longer is there harmony,”

    Awesome piece!

  2. kokwudibonye says:

    I Love to write poetry too love to see the thoughts free flowing on a page. I also believe that no one should steal what is rightfully yours and offer credit to the actual writer

  3. DuePoint says:

    Beautiful writing usually happens after somethiing life changing happens. I have been writing for years. Poetry was my love and then something happened and I just couldn’t write anymore. I’m glad you are sharing.

    • Thank-you for reading:) I don’t know you personally, but I hope you pick up writing poetry again. Whatever it was, it shouldn’t keep you away from your love.

      I’ll be cheering for you from the side lines!

      • DuePoint says:

        Thank You 🙂 I will be posting some of my older pieces on my blog sooner or later. Right now I am just building with other amazing artist first. Thanks again!

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