#18: Texting for Dummies.

Sometimes I really wish I could live in the good ol’ days. The days when phones didn’t make rejection and uncertainty so instant.

I like technology just as much as the next person. I’m not big on manual labor (I prefer using my brain) and truth is, if I did live  in the days of House on the Prairie I would probably not have made it.  Washing clothes by hand and churning butter aren’t quite the things that excite me. Sue me. However with all that said, there was a beauty in communication that has now been utterly bamboozled by technology .

Allow me to explain:

My dad always reminds that it’s not what a person says but more so what they don’t say. These are pearls of wisdom yet sometimes I fail in heeding these words when juggling social media. I don’t know when it happened or who started it, but a texting code book has been formulated. Now this “code book” doesn’t bear much relevance or weight when texting your bff or grandma- assuming your granny knows how to.  This code book is reserved for lovers. When sending a text you have to consider a plethora of details.


1. Time: If you send/ reply to soon you may seem desperate. I still don’t understand the logic. In normal conversation I reply when a question has been proposed, I don’t sit and wait thirty minutes before saying “no”.

Or better yet what time do you receive a text. At 3 am he wants noting but the boo-tay. Don’t fool yourself.

At 1 pm it shows that he’s taking the time out of his schedule to think about me. This is a good sign– according to  texting for dummies.

My personal pet peeve is people answering a text two or three days later and picking up as if its ok. That’s what I call a left over text. You are left over from what ever was truly important.

Worse off, you can’t really read emotion through a text. When we speak to people face to face they are a lot of cues that we interpret that give us a better understanding of the senders message.

Example: Facial gestures, voice pitch, left leg shaking uncontrollably.  These are all helpful cues. Sadly when you’re texting you don’t have that chap. All you have is “k”.

“k” is a letter. Not a word. However it has been used as a substitute for Ok, which is also a substitute for okay.

In addition when or who decides that the conversation is over. Is it customary to exchange three or four texts. Or do you text until your fingers hurt??

The sheer fact that I’ve spent this much time talking about texting is irritating yet it truly mirrors my frustration with the new phenomenon. Like I said it doesn’t matter when granny Jo is texting you. However when it’s that guy or girl who you’re smitten about, texting takes on a new role in the early stages of the relationship. It comes back to  he likes me-he likes me not.

Sometimes I find myself asking am I reading too much into this? or is my gut feeling right?

Does him not replying for a week mean he’s busy saving the world? or Is his company suffering through a major crisis and his boss asked him to spend ridiculous hours at work? Or maybe he just doesn’t want to talk to you. Ouch.

I’m an optimist and would vote saving the world but seeing the state of affairs for our world, I would say its the last one. Sucks potatoes but that is the world of texting.

I would love to read your opinions- or better yet you can text me your ideas.


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