#19: The Awkward Moment When…

…you find a grey hair or better yet someone points it out to you?!

I’m too young for this.

I exercise, I eat right, I try to say my prayers on time. But noo, how do I get rewarded? With a grey hair that’s just chilling.

Well I can either embrace it or dye it. I may give it a name too. Sir Silver Stride actually sounds kinda interesting doesn’t it?

Seriously though, when is the moment  you started to notice you just may be getting old.

I’d love to know, leave me a comment!!


Aisha and Silver Stride

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2 thoughts on “#19: The Awkward Moment When…

  1. 😳 is the face I had when I found the first one. After a while I just went numb. Henna helps… A lot.

    Welcome, Sir Silver Stride, to the club!

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