#20: Brown-Eyed Beauty

Brown Eyed Beauty //

If I could whisper you a secret would you listen?

If I could tell you a short story about a brown- eyed beauty,

Would you spare a few seconds of your time for me,

I promise to make it quick,

I’ll hit you with a punch line,

And you’ll be on your way,

Back to making your millions,

Indulging your heart with frivolous things of life,

Feet floating and never sinking on anything concrete,

I promise that this won’t change your life.

Or make you rethink your choices,

Making you turn a head and consider,

At the of intersection childhood memories,

The decisions that you’ve made,

Doing anything to make a quick buck,

Even neglecting to remember the brown- eyed beauty,

Who sang in front of the mirror,

Creating beautiful worlds with nothing but her words,

Dancing to a destiny that she only heard of,

Giving back to those who just like her had suffered,

Nursing the sick like her own mother,

Who struggled to put food on the table but never struggled to,

Share her love, giving it out immensely, like it was medicine,

If I could whisper a secret, or better yet give you a mirror,

Hold it up and dare you to take a good look-

Would you realize that the brown- eyed beauty I speak of – was once you


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2 thoughts on “#20: Brown-Eyed Beauty

  1. Leslie Jo says:

    I am so happy to have found your blog. You had commented on Justin Gawel’s post, which led me to yours. Your poems are magical. I love to write, but haven’t written much poetry. However, I know when something moves me and your poems in your blog did. Nice to me you!

    • Nice to meet you Leslie Jo! Consider this our official Web introduction. Your comment put a smile on my face, and I’m truly thankful that my poem provoked some kind of emotion. With that I can sleep a happy camper. Again, Thank-you.

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