#21: I Robbed A Bank

It was me and a couple of friends.

Supposedly, due to my height, I was the perfect candidate for entering and exiting the premises unseen. They were a total of five of us in the operation, and I believe my part was to cut the security system off. The details of the excursion were not explained that well, which only resulted in the cops showing up and my friend, bless his little heart, being caught by five-O.

While my friend was being interrogated I quickly slipped into a wormhole that magically transported me back into my apartment. My mom later busted into my apartment, yelling and questioning how and why I was part of the dubious scheme.

I woke up half screaming and both eye brows raised.

The dream was too realistic and it took me a few seconds to realize I had been dreaming. However, I was glad it was a dream. I wouldn’t look good in handcuffs. It would clash with my skin tone. I believe gold looks better on brown skin.

On the other hand, only a few days ago I was shopping and purchasing everything and anything I wanted. This too was only a dream, and I woke up  frantically looking for my shopping bags. I didn’t find the bags but I did find a half eating candy bar.

This is a summary of my dreams thus far. I could have done without the bank robbery but the shopping spree would have been nice.

Sweet dreams boys and girls


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