#22: It Was Easy For You

It was easy for you,

I wasn’t the first person you had lied to

Caressing me with your sweet flow of empty words

Nestling me into a bed of lies anchored with the sweet line

That forever had tattooed our names in history books and side by side

We would conquer the world,

It was easy for you-


You didn’t even blink as you with one flick of your hand

Removed each piece of clothing

Arguing that now was our moment,

The warmth of your hands cradling away my doubts

And quickly I fell asleep to your lullaby of lies

And before I knew it, I was a prisoner with no intentions of escaping


It was easy for you,

For you had done it before,

And when morning came,

I saw another side of you,

As the light tip toed through open blinds,

And the aroma of love evacuated,

I reached to touch your hands

But your face grew blue,

You had to go,

And our time was through,


You see it was easy for you,

You had the routine down to a T,

But I was unfamiliar with this scene,

Opening and closing my eyes,

Hoping and praying that I was stuck in-between nightmares

The door closed behind me

And reality greeted me,

How are you?


It was easy for you-

But it was a different story for me.


©Aisha-Nicole 2012

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2 thoughts on “#22: It Was Easy For You

  1. simpleejesus says:

    Hey, just wanted to say that I’ve been reading your blog for about an hour, and I enjoy all that you write. From the poetry, to the “swatting war with flies”. Its really inspiring to see someone write anything and anything about themselves and life! Your a blessing.

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