#23: Chocolate Dates and Wild Rides

I think I’m gonna write a novel based on my Transit journey’s in the city.

No trip is ever the same nor is the waiting period for the next bus.

The only difference about this escapade from my many others was my sister tagging along for the ride. We had a double date with two local dark and delicious men. My date preferred being called Turtle Mocha and my sister was chanting it up with  hot cocoa ( he’s more of a homebody). All four of us had a great time and they were occasional bursts of laughter from our corner. We didn’t care though, good company is hard to find and it’s even harder to spend quality time with one another. The dates were amazing and my sister and I left very pleased.

Sadly I cannot share the same sentiment with our bus ride.

They were many characters on the bus ride and I was a bit tempted to take candid pictures of them. I feel that this would better illustrate my story however, if you have a vivid imagination like I do, I believe you will be fine.

Main Character: Leather Man.

He walks onto the bus, phone in hand and speaking voice at an all time high. I approve the freedom of speech I love it. I may even possibly get it tattooed on my foot one day, however, I respect other people as well. Leather man was in a deep and heated argument. From the drops of sweat that raced down his face I would estimate it had already been a 30 minute battle. After some large heaving and shuffling of a sketch backpack he continues his argument:

“OH. YOU DON’T TRUST ME?? (I’m assuming she didn’t because his voice only got louder)


He got off the bus at the same bust stop as us, and I couldn’t help think why he would air his dirty laundry. Perhaps he wanted us all to know he didn’t have a std. Either way-it was a very awkward moment. Thankfully my ear hustling skills are that of a ninja and I can avoid eye contact and listen discreetly. Although it was rather easy because leather man didn’t know how to whisper.

This was only a snap shot of the few conversations I heard which were rather sketchy. Of course I laughed to myself and realized that humans are an interesting species.

Before I forget I can’t fail to mention that we waited over an hour for our bus back- in the cold?! I’m on the verge of writing a letter to someone! I just have to find out which bald man I have to write it to.

Hope all is warm and cuddly in your lives.


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One thought on “#23: Chocolate Dates and Wild Rides

  1. DuePoint says:

    The bus can be a crazy place. You can write an entire blog based on things that happen on the bus and nothing else.

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