#26: Resolutions, Hopes and Big-Behinds

Helllllooo 2013.

Maybe its a late greeting, but better late than never.

The last two years have been interesting leaning towards a string of moments and decisions that I prefer to forget. Forever.

I am praying that 2013 is far better.

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and I almost got everything I wanted for Christmas except Dave Franco. I suppose I wasn’t that good this year and Santa didn’t think it was that imperative to drop him under my tree.

Psshh what does Santa know. He’s an old man riding in a sleigh and sneaking into people’s houses at night. Something sounds very sketch.

I just realized that Santa is one of the few individuals in our materialistic and vain driven society that is allowed to be fat and proud of it. I think it’s the suit honestly.

With 2013 well under way a lot of people have new years resolutions which will most likely last as long as it takes them to write their goals on paper. I am in no way a pessimist. Actually I tend to be very optimistic, however, history has proven that only a few people actually succeed in keeping up with their resolutions. Many men and women have “getting back in shape” as their top goal.

The first week of the year brings in all those who are genuinely determined to better their bodies.Week two: that doughnut and coffee looks better than a two-hour work out. Week three:I have better things to do like meet with friends and talk about how we should be working out but aren’t.

Talking about working out, I was in the gym really in my zone and a guy peeps his head in. I don’t know how long he was  there for but he leaves and after a  few minutes returns with pajama pants and an ipod. I suppose he thought the Ipod would make his workout more legitimate.

He was an older bald guy (which is sad because bald guys are cute) but this dude was a creep. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish my workout because the creeper didn’t know how to inconspicuously check out my behind. I was not about to stay there and let him have a free show. Creeper. Me and my natural hair were out.

Anyway, If your reading this  cross your fingers, pray, sing or dance that I get this new  job. Nothing smells better than a full-time job. After a series of NO’s a yes would be wonderful, almost equivalent to getting Dave Franco for Christmas.

Hope you have a wonderful week boys and girls


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