#27: Dream-Catcher

Dream catcher,


Catching dreams thrown by the wayside,

By kids who outgrew,

Pixie colored coloring books,

Too cool to imagine a world filled with peace,

And too wise to admit that just maybe,

They grew up to fast,


Intoxicated by mass produced lies,

Lives lingering on broken promises,

Using people as crutches,

Comparing and contrasting,

Settling for the fast lane,

And to scared to wait,


Sit down and feel the dirt beneath their feet,

And actually smell the roses they buy,

Instead of leaving them hanging,

Looking pretty on a brown stained mantel pieces,

Dying at our own hands,


Hands that uproot dreams of children,

Children destined to be our future,


Dream –catcher





©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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2 thoughts on “#27: Dream-Catcher

  1. Your poem was a dream itself. Beautiful work 🙂

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