#30: Dear Mr. Right

Dear Mr. Right,


Hollywood never did a bigger disservice

Than the day they sought out to recreate loves true purpose-

As they sold prepackaged ideas,

Neatly bound in banging bodies and sexy scenes,

The definition of love would forever be challenged,

And who am I to say butterflies don’t exist,

And yes, warm bodies are hard to resist,


But you,

Mr. Right,

You are to blame,

For thousands of relationships have been slain in your name,

As little girls too young to even spell their name,

Engaged in early fairytales,



Too young to know love,

They sought her carbon copies,

In alleys, wild parties and cramped up bedrooms,

With boys who aren’t yet men,

And as passion rages,

Forget her side effects: regret and possible death,

Death of young innocence,

And doctor’s visits in white washed walls,

With lab reports that immediately kill her joy-



Dear Mr. Right,


If we only what love truly meant,

We would no longer have use for you


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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4 thoughts on “#30: Dear Mr. Right

  1. W-O-W. This is just epic 😀 I love it !

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