#31: It Could Always be Worse

Have you ever had a day where everything and anything that could go wrong went wrong?

If you haven’t count your blessings my friend, you are one of the lucky ones.

In a snap shot, my building has no heat. As if it isn’t cold enough outside, it doesn’t make matters any easier to return to an ice box for a safe haven.

Luckily my mother (bless her heart) bought me a portable heater. Thanks to her I still have all my toes and fingers. God bless mothers.

Fast forward, and now my apartment building has a pipeline that breaks. I barely have any clothes on and I rush outside franticly, jumping resident roaches and using my phone as a substitute flashlight. I make it safely and decide that there is nothing that coffee won’t fix.

I enter the store. Greet local barista. Reach into my bag and no wallet. Ah now I remember, in a frantic hurry I grabbed everything else but my cash. Now I am a coffee less and writing this blog.

If you have had any good fortune this week, of any kind, please send it my way.

Thank-you in Advance


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