#32: My Pleated Dress

My Pleated Dress


I could have told you the truth,

But I considered and reconfigured,

And I thought I could stick it through,

I would focus on the positive,

And the aching feeling in my belly,

Was just the backlash of a thousand empty calories,

And fries that were a bit too greasy,

Our love could survive anything,

So I held the truth,


Tucked her in my pleated dress,

And with care folded her upon that bedroom chair,

Where once upon a time,

We had laughed and let the soft sound of breathing rock us to sleep,

But that was a long time ago,

And tonight as the moon kissed the earth,

I would sit back,

And watch you.


Carefully address every issue I had with you and then some,


I would tell you we were through,

And I wanted my share,

That you could keep the memories,

And I would even let you keep that chair,

That awful gaudy chair,

Permanently stained with your perfume,


I could have both spared us the time,

But I was too scared,

So Instead,

I hid my dress,

And well, you know the rest.


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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