#34: Understanding Humanity

Understanding Humanity (or the lack thereof)

I could never fully understand how a rich man becomes poor-


And I could never quite accurately calculate the amount of time it takes you,

To form an ill-advised opinion of me,

Just because my skin doesn’t quite look like yours,


Hard pressed-

Resembling fresh pressed coffee beans,

My skin is a shell case of me,

Who I am internally and I will forever be blessed,

With hair that doesn’t hang like yours,

Choosing to defy gravity with its union of tight curls,

And baby hairs that still refuse to grow,


I’ve never fully understood humanity-


How we can hold each other’s hands,

And in a blink of an eye,

use those very same hands to forever destroy self-esteem,

How we linger at empty boulevards,

Hoping and praying that somehow,

We can find ourselves in trash cans of self-help books,

With authors who can’t even help themselves,


Or how we mock that left dimple-

Somehow misplaced on an elongated face,

And how walking down the street,

With a lover who looks different from me,

Suddenly becomes a political statement,

Just because his eyes resemble the sea,

Or how his skin reminds me of a vanilla cone on a Sunday afternoon,

He’s the milk in my tea (yeah, I said tea)

A clear distinction from me,


I’ve never fully understood humanity-

And honestly,

I don’t think I ever will


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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