#35: Back to the Basics

Let’s go back to the basics-


When pen and paper rained

And men meant what they said,

Back to the days

When love was simple,

When the air carried the sound

Of pure laughter

And when the stars came out to play

Simply mimicking our dance steps

Nothing but two steps to the left

And three steps to the right of sweet giggles

Coupled with nothing but your honesty,

Let’s go back to the basics-


When our life didn’t have to be documented

Every second and every single hour,

Just to prove life was riding shotgun

And everything was tip top shape

Instead of admitting that sometimes

We don’t hit the ball out of the ball park

And too often we forget and neglect,

At times we’re wolves,

Devouring everything in sight

But sometimes we’re lambs,

Trying to walk a tight rope

High above the hypocrisy,

Only to look down and lose sight of everything,

Can we go back to the basics?


White tees,

Hours of Hide and go seek,

And hair braids adorned with bright beads,

Faces greased with clean smiles,

And hearts willing to love and be loved,

Can we go back to pen and paper-


Because I miss the basics


©By Aisha-Nicole

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