#36: Walking Contradictions-

The sunrise after a bleak night,

New birth after hours of intense labor and screams

To loud and to painful,

The risk of death,

The triumph of an arrival,



A flow of water infused salt droplets

And the gentle fingers that wash them away,


Body issues,

Contemplating surgery to fix perfection

Gods little dimples,

Originality in all its complexity

Sold out to look like water washed copies,



Finding solace in arms of another,

Stolen waters always seem sweeter,

Allies of lies,

Bypasses of secret rhymes,

And what they say is true,

You can’t find love in the pain of others,



Nursing future world leaders,

Tomorrow’s dreamers,

Today’s neglected,


Walking contradictions,

I see them every day,

And sometimes I see them looking straight back at me


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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