#38: Mistakes [repeated]

Still fresh


The after taste of a horrible mistake

Lingering on my taste buds

It surfs unwanted

And closing my eyes proves futile

Only bringing all the guilt to the forefront

Every sense comes alive

As over and over

I relive a horrible night

Sweating profusely

I am still marked with a promise

Broken too easily

My vows now hang dry

Requited of any past value


I thought I could manage

I vowed it wouldn’t manage me

But we fought and it beat me

Left me hanging

Bleeding and too embarrassed to admit

That just maybe I need help

Maybe I’m not as strong as I thought

Circling corners of a mind I wish I could erase

Both my heart and eyes ache


Tonight has got to be the last time

I ever taste the aftermath of repeated mistakes


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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