#39: A Cab Ride:

At what junction did simplicity jump the ride?


Leave me riding the city alone

And stuck with the cab fee,


When did yes or no become a calculated chess move

Between your happiness,

And my unfortunate desire to make everyone happy


But me-


When did beauty get defined by a small handful in society?


As if the curves of my back are miscalculations,

Rather than a glorious ride of brown lines that sway as I move small hips

To the rhythm of unadulterated jazz beats,

And as if God didn’t purposely gather and glitter

Every atom that makes my perfect body,


When did money become worth dying for?


Fame whores,

We’d do everything and anything except

Enjoy candle light dinners

We spend so much time running between jobs

To make a life for moments we’ll never know


And since when did celebrities become the poster child for happiness,


After a long cab ride it finally hit me,

Simplicity never left


It was us-




©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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