#41: Instantly



Destination cloud nine,

High above the ignorance,

And daily problems that chime my name,

Pleasantly surprised by the numbness to pain

Quickly seduced to the idea that life can simply go away,


Brought to my knees,

Addiction never says its full name,

Never reveals the by-laws

And truthfully I never asked,

Too sold out on the idea of one answer,

One quick fix,

Ignoring the possibility that it’s too good to be true

Not slowing down for any caution signs,


Put together on the outside,

But dying on the inside,


We have a society full of addicts,

All chomping away,

Moving slowly,

Dying too quickly,

We give up joy for a mock reality,

Pursue trinkets,

Tarnished promises,

We’re quick to sell our souls,

And yet never question the possibility that there is more to this,

More to life,

More than moments comprised of happy meals,

A life set free from dirty little secrets

And a closet full of stained tees


I wanted more,

And In Jesus I found it all


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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