#46: Open Hands-

Open Hands-


Calloused with years of trying to fix it over and over again,

Finger tips that no longer sense,

Hanging helplessly, at the end of open hands,

These hands,

Buy time until once again

The cycle begins,

Aiding and imbedding lies,

Intertwined in false harmony,

Holding tightly to the warmth of future dreams,

Only to be exposed to closed fists,

Emotional rollercoasters,

And nights of blue pretense,


Open hands-


Trying once again,

This time,

They open slower,

One fingertip at a time,

To shy and too afraid to expose

Long lines of pain,

Occasional Rough spots,

And signs of abandonment,

My hands,

Wait for the reunion with your hands-


But they won’t wait forever



©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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