#47: I Need You

I don’t say it often,


And when I do I need the help of witty words and graphic cards,

Aisles of peppermint candy and roses (if your that lucky),

To say I love you-

I wait for those special days, like Christmas,

And half birthdays to remind you I constantly need you,

And in case you ever forgot,

Here’s my heart wrapped in this cheap box,

Because today I forgot was your birthday,

And I’ll smile and you’ll blow out your candles

But inside I know I lied,

And tomorrow will just be like yesterday,

And you’ll yearn for me to express just how much I need you,

But of course you can’t say anything,

Because it’s not your birthday,

And valentines isn’t around the corner,


So you’ll have to wait,

Just wait,


Laying on the left side of a cold bed and contemplate,

Watch my every move and see if I still care for you,

Because somewhere along the line “I love you” became scarce,

And so you put on a strong face,

But with every minute and every hour,

Your heart grew one hole deeper,

And in the end,

“I love you” was traded in for midnight hate fights,

And arguments to painful to even whisper,

My ears bleed to false accusations but your heart had been bleeding,


So baby,

Before we get to that point,

I wrote this just for you.


It’s mid-July and your birthday isn’t till December,

But before it’s too hard to remember,

Why we even started this together,

I wanted to say I love you.

No gimmicks or dollar store candy,

Just me saying I need you.


By Aisha Nicole

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