#49: A [Strange] Embrace

Our “I Love you’s” lay on the wayside,

Uttered and confused, they seemed lifeless,

Words that use to bounce between our lips so freely,

Now seemed breathless,


While you screamed in anguish,

I wondered,

And even Pondered,

Could they pull in just one more fight?

Get up before the countdown to ten,

But this was it-


And while we argued,

People sidestepped the awkwardness of

Lover’s games coming to an end,

And in the distance I saw a smile,


Behind a crowd of gawking faces

A stranger looked onward,

He wasn’t like the rest,

He seemed just as intent in making this love resurrect

And with all attention now set on him,


I couldn’t help notice the love so present in his eyes,

And Soon I forgot about my own unrest,

Quite nestled in the warmth of this strangers eyes,

I grew closer,

And as I did,

Love which had seemed so lifeless

Quickly resurrected,

In the presence of this strangers warm embrace.


By Aisha Nicole ©2013

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