#50: Three’s a Company.

In between warm sheets,

Under soft lights and city vibes,

You and I lay hand in hand,

But you didn’t see lonely creep in,

He stood by the door way,

His silhouette mocking every kiss and every soft hand gesture,

He was even there when you whispered I love you-


And while you were gone,

He crept into the sheets,

The bed was warm,

But his hands were cold and soon the sheets were too-

So please,

Don’t be mad at me,

I tried,

I would even die trying


But I’m tired,

Tired of lying

Tired of attempting to push aside every doubt that this will ever work,

Trying to deny that lonely hasn’t caught up to me,

He’s in the bed baby,


And three’s always been a company


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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