#51: BREAK-up

Break up,


Isolated words insulated between memories of before and after,

This is the closing scene,

My heart trembles but my mouth holds form,

Tiny hands weigh out the options,

I was never good at math,

But Hours huddled around idle conversation,

Stitched dreams, and pet names too embarrassing to be proper

All seemed to point to something,


Just not this-


And as we break up,

Emotions break in,

Taking hostage the part of my brain in charge of predictability

It wasn’t meant to end like this,

Not in the middle of a park,

Surrounded by late bloomers,

And the soft sound of fall leaves,


Two souls’ breaking-



The words linger,

Politely dangling between you and I,

Legs crossed,

I hold all composure and Whisper the words,

Just loud enough for me to hear them,

And real enough for reality too sink in.


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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