#54: Tales of an Inner Voice

After it’s all said and done,


When the final notes have being sung,

And the sound of mass laughter has faded

Only you and I shall stand


In the morning you will have to deal with me,

I’ll wait as you awake from slumber,

Staring you right in the eye,

I’ll give you enough time to recollect and calculate,

When you made me silent,


Made me sit in the corner of a desolate place,

Far removed from your right ear,

Nowhere close to your special place,


I remember when you would consult me,

You and I never made decisions independently,

But one day it all changed,

And you soon forgot my name,


But this morning,

I’m staring you dead in the eye,


I am your voice of reason,

I am the base drum to your heart beat,

I am the right to every wrong turn,

Tomorrow cannot wait-


And it’s time we joined forces once again.


©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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