#56: Forgiven

She was in labor,

In a few hours she would bare the child of her rapist

Left alone to do the bloody work

She had no choice in this matter,

Nor the latter,


She begged to die,

Holding her breath,

She made one more attempt to end her life,

And its life,


She hadn’t even thought of a name,

Unwilling to sit side by side with reality,

She forced herself to forget,

Neglect the changes in her body,

Ignore occasional kicks,

Or sudden urges for midnight snacks

Accompanied with some panic attacks,


She was now that girl,

The unfortunate,

The poster child of fates ill hand



She caved daily,

Cursing the stars,

Waiting for its arrival,

She drank denial,

And Let it seduce her,


But tonight the affair ended,

At dawn reality seeped in to cash its prize

Eye to eye,

She stared at the child of her rapist


“What will you name him?”

She looked away

And then softly said,


“I will name him forgiven”


©Aisha-Nicole 2014


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