#60: Why don’t you save me?

Save me, why don’t you save me?


I forgot all about the crash course

And it’s just you and me,

And endless miles of eternity,


I remember you once said you were a life guard,

Grew up around troubled waters,

Your daddy left you,

And you had to grow up quickly,

The streets tutored you,

Hard life certified you,


Top of your class,

A little rough around the edges,

You came with fair warning,

But I was never good at taking orders,

Somewhat of a rebel,

I dived head first into your mystery


Ignoring any warning signs,

I let you draw me in

Away from the shore,

Distant from all sensibilities,


My grade school peddling failed me,

So I reached out,

Hoping that you would save me,

Grab my hand and pull me,



I watched as you swam out,

Leaving me to drown

And die hopelessly in your mystery.


©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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