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My darkest Truth

I could only describe it as a chasm that kept growing,

A monster that never got fed,

A hollow hole that had no end,


I couldn’t shake it,

The fear that crippled me,

The constant taunting of my own soul



I cried for it to stop,

But the feeling grew stronger,

My deepest fear stood before me

Without blinking,

It started at me,

As if it knew me


I tried to look away,

But I couldn’t

It looked too familiar,

Like a distant person I once knew


Could this be an attempt to save my soul?


Without hesitation I ran to it,

Ran to the fear that stood before me,

I wanted to embrace it,

Desired to know it,

Perhaps then,

The feeling would subside


I held out my hand to touch it,

But then retreated.


I was in the middle of my stride when I woke up.


You see, even in my dreams,

I was too afraid to face the truth.


Aisha-Nicole 2016

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#92: It’s True

It’s true,

Sometimes I write about you,

Like therapy to an addict,

I’m trying to rid myself of you,

Yeah, it’s true

Sometimes I wish I had never met you,

But with every word and every line,

I will no longer be affected you.


© Aisha-Nicole 2016

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#88: Love Manifest

He smiled,
Even though he had lost everything,
He laughed,
Even though his heart was hurting,
He gave,
Even though they had Stolen his living,
And he forgave,
Even though they would never ask for forgiveness,
He was who I strived to be,
love made manifest to me


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#86: Sharp Tongues,

Sharp Tongues,

Today I saw a man die,

I saw words cut through his flesh,

I saw blood poured out,

As words infected blood lines,

And I watched closely,

As those called family,

Derailed his identity carelessly,

“sticks and bones they said”

I remembered the schoolyard rhyme

“but words will never hurt me”

 I wish those school yard kids,

 could see what I see

As I painfully stood witness,

To a man die slowly,

As sharp tongues with no remorse,

Willfully cut him deeply.

©Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#81: Unraveled.

Like re-watching a movie scene,

The revelation of the obvious,

the climax and then the fall,

The heartbreak,

and then the echo of a silenced soul

It’s an eerie feeling,

watching yourself unravel so quickly,

And to know,

exactly how the story goes.

© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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The more I long for you,

The more you steer away,

Baby, I’ll never understand

These games you play.

Aisha- Nicole 2014

#71: Childish Games

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#64: Hide and Seek

I showed you the most innocent part of me,

When I let you see the child in me.

©Aisha-Ndlovu 2014

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#63: I would

I would fight for you

lie for you

climb Mountains for you

What I won’t do

Is sell my soul for you

©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#62: My Retreat

I hid in your arms


Waited for your hands to cradle me

Your fingers to sooth me


But that was asking too much


Our arrangement hinged on no emotional responsibilities

And I had already signed the release forms

So I retreated to my space


Waited for the morning

And sadly never came back


©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#61: Africa, Oh Africa

She wore her traditions like royal garments,


Cloaked in her father’s history and her mother’s suffering,

She was the byproduct of their affair gone wrong,

She spoke like her father but moved like her mother,

Adorned with deep lines of many tribes,

She smelled like her ancestors,

And In her voice you heard tales of love and war-


In her bosom,


Lay the heartbreak of brothers and sisters,

The bloodshed of boys and men,

Neighbors who forgot what they were fighting for,

Surrounded by Violence and brutality,

She was homeless in her own home,


Trying to regain her foot in society,

She hoped that the future would end all inequality,

She longed for barefoot dances,

United drum beats in city centers,

Laughter that outstretched poverty,

And she dreamed of days were love was the only exchange,


In a war cry,

With a chorus sung so beautifully,

She sang of the country she used to know,


“Africa, oh Africa,

This too shall pass,

The horizon is coming,

And this too shall pass”


©Aisha-Nicole 2014



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