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A Short Story.

It happened over night.


I was standing by the kitchen table, waiting for the sound of a diesel truck to pull into the driveway.


The kettle whistled as I made my way to pour my tea. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this excited to meet him. We had worked out our differences over the holiday, and as the snow trickled down, I couldn’t help but feel at peace.


He was the love of my life and even though we had hit a rough patch, I was more than ready to work at our relationship again.


Tick, Tock, Tick Tock.


I checked the outlines of my figure before making my way to the door. I had worn his favorite perfume and made sure to avoid all lipstick. Lyman was a simple man; no fuss and he always said a rose didn’t need additional help to stand out.


I grabbed the doorknob, opened the door and out of the shadows a man stepped to the light.


“Ma’am, there’s been an accident.”


The officer spoke but everything around me became so quiet. It was as if the world stood still, and there I was alone, fumbling in the dark.


After the tears stopped, I opened my eyes and the officer was still there.


“Would you like some tea?”


“No, I’ll be alright”


Officer Pete kept talking but all I could think about was Lyman’s diesel truck.


To be honest, I hated that truck. Lyman was a stubborn man and one evening he showed up with his brand new purchase, with no thought of inquiring of my opinion. We had fought that night and I remember how tired I was when I eventually fell asleep.


He was gone now and that fight seemed so trivial.


“Ma’am will you be alright.”


“No”, I said and sipped my tea.


I woke up at 3 am with Lyman looking over me.”

You had a bad dream Teresa, Sorry I woke you.


“You died,” I whispered.


“I almost did”.


It was the strangest moment, but that same feeling of peace overwhelmed me.


Lyman went ahead to tell me how the truck had hit a rough patch of ice and how he had  barely survived.


The truck would be totaled but an officer had given him a ride home.


I never believed in God until this moment, but he had given Lyman and I another chance.


We all have diesel trucks in our relationships, and that night, I tasted of the horror of remembering how insignificant things are in the wake of sudden loss.


Aisha-Nicole 2016

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#88: Love Manifest

He smiled,
Even though he had lost everything,
He laughed,
Even though his heart was hurting,
He gave,
Even though they had Stolen his living,
And he forgave,
Even though they would never ask for forgiveness,
He was who I strived to be,
love made manifest to me


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#87: Leftovers

I gave you my heart,

All of what was left of it,

I should have known better,

For now it’s worse,

Than what I started with

© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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