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#91: Kiss Me,

Kiss me slowly,

Kiss me deliberately,

Kiss me like the time your parents caught us,

Kiss me before the walls start telling our secrets,

Kiss me like New Year’s Eve when the clock struck 12

And we thought we had eternity,

Kiss me like the day you got accepted into Law School,

Kiss me like I haven’t told you the worse news of your life,

Because when you let go of my finger tips,

And you walk out those hospital doors

And you finally loose it,

Because we’re just two humans trying to be strong for one another,

And you eventually drive cross country,

And sad songs are your only company,

I want you to remember the kisses and not the sorrow,

So let’s not waste anymore time,

Pretending that this wont be our last time,

Just kiss me,

And this time,

kiss me slowly.


© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#89: Dying Alone

“I cried when I realized he had lived his whole life a complete lie.”

© Aisha- Nicole 2015

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#88: Love Manifest

He smiled,
Even though he had lost everything,
He laughed,
Even though his heart was hurting,
He gave,
Even though they had Stolen his living,
And he forgave,
Even though they would never ask for forgiveness,
He was who I strived to be,
love made manifest to me


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#86: Sharp Tongues,

Sharp Tongues,

Today I saw a man die,

I saw words cut through his flesh,

I saw blood poured out,

As words infected blood lines,

And I watched closely,

As those called family,

Derailed his identity carelessly,

“sticks and bones they said”

I remembered the schoolyard rhyme

“but words will never hurt me”

 I wish those school yard kids,

 could see what I see

As I painfully stood witness,

To a man die slowly,

As sharp tongues with no remorse,

Willfully cut him deeply.

©Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#81: Unraveled.

Like re-watching a movie scene,

The revelation of the obvious,

the climax and then the fall,

The heartbreak,

and then the echo of a silenced soul

It’s an eerie feeling,

watching yourself unravel so quickly,

And to know,

exactly how the story goes.

© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#62: My Retreat

I hid in your arms


Waited for your hands to cradle me

Your fingers to sooth me


But that was asking too much


Our arrangement hinged on no emotional responsibilities

And I had already signed the release forms

So I retreated to my space


Waited for the morning

And sadly never came back


©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#61: Africa, Oh Africa

She wore her traditions like royal garments,


Cloaked in her father’s history and her mother’s suffering,

She was the byproduct of their affair gone wrong,

She spoke like her father but moved like her mother,

Adorned with deep lines of many tribes,

She smelled like her ancestors,

And In her voice you heard tales of love and war-


In her bosom,


Lay the heartbreak of brothers and sisters,

The bloodshed of boys and men,

Neighbors who forgot what they were fighting for,

Surrounded by Violence and brutality,

She was homeless in her own home,


Trying to regain her foot in society,

She hoped that the future would end all inequality,

She longed for barefoot dances,

United drum beats in city centers,

Laughter that outstretched poverty,

And she dreamed of days were love was the only exchange,


In a war cry,

With a chorus sung so beautifully,

She sang of the country she used to know,


“Africa, oh Africa,

This too shall pass,

The horizon is coming,

And this too shall pass”


©Aisha-Nicole 2014



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#60: Why don’t you save me?

Save me, why don’t you save me?


I forgot all about the crash course

And it’s just you and me,

And endless miles of eternity,


I remember you once said you were a life guard,

Grew up around troubled waters,

Your daddy left you,

And you had to grow up quickly,

The streets tutored you,

Hard life certified you,


Top of your class,

A little rough around the edges,

You came with fair warning,

But I was never good at taking orders,

Somewhat of a rebel,

I dived head first into your mystery


Ignoring any warning signs,

I let you draw me in

Away from the shore,

Distant from all sensibilities,


My grade school peddling failed me,

So I reached out,

Hoping that you would save me,

Grab my hand and pull me,



I watched as you swam out,

Leaving me to drown

And die hopelessly in your mystery.


©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#59: Endless Counterfeits

She spoke of love as if it had died,


Swaying her hips to cocktail drips,

She was rich in sorrow,

Offering everything she had,

I watched as she married and remarried,

The idea of finding herself,


She walked the streets with no map,

Pointing out every corner and every junction that had stolen from her,

Her breath still smelled of her last lover,

Tormented her eyes fought to conceal the pain of a young girl,

But her pain echoed,

Set up camp in the hallow eyes of a woman who no longer believed,

And dared anyone to break in,


She scoffed at her fortune,

Cursed her cards

And begged to die,


I sat back and watched helplessly

As beauty and tragedy danced so beautifully,

She was just one of many

Victim of loves many imposters


Into the night she crawled,

I bowed my head,

And silently cried


She was not the first,

And sadly, would not be the last



Another lost,

To Loves endless counterfeits.


©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#41: Instantly



Destination cloud nine,

High above the ignorance,

And daily problems that chime my name,

Pleasantly surprised by the numbness to pain

Quickly seduced to the idea that life can simply go away,


Brought to my knees,

Addiction never says its full name,

Never reveals the by-laws

And truthfully I never asked,

Too sold out on the idea of one answer,

One quick fix,

Ignoring the possibility that it’s too good to be true

Not slowing down for any caution signs,


Put together on the outside,

But dying on the inside,


We have a society full of addicts,

All chomping away,

Moving slowly,

Dying too quickly,

We give up joy for a mock reality,

Pursue trinkets,

Tarnished promises,

We’re quick to sell our souls,

And yet never question the possibility that there is more to this,

More to life,

More than moments comprised of happy meals,

A life set free from dirty little secrets

And a closet full of stained tees


I wanted more,

And In Jesus I found it all


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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