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#91: Kiss Me,

Kiss me slowly,

Kiss me deliberately,

Kiss me like the time your parents caught us,

Kiss me before the walls start telling our secrets,

Kiss me like New Year’s Eve when the clock struck 12

And we thought we had eternity,

Kiss me like the day you got accepted into Law School,

Kiss me like I haven’t told you the worse news of your life,

Because when you let go of my finger tips,

And you walk out those hospital doors

And you finally loose it,

Because we’re just two humans trying to be strong for one another,

And you eventually drive cross country,

And sad songs are your only company,

I want you to remember the kisses and not the sorrow,

So let’s not waste anymore time,

Pretending that this wont be our last time,

Just kiss me,

And this time,

kiss me slowly.


© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#89: Dying Alone

“I cried when I realized he had lived his whole life a complete lie.”

© Aisha- Nicole 2015

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#77: It mattered then-

It mattered then-

Every last word, every sentence,

But you hesitated, mocked it and let us shatter-

Now it’s too late and you’re trying to play catch up,

Throw hundred dollar bills to the one problem you could never sold,

Trying to form a friendship with a child, who’s already grown,

I look like you, move like you,

I even stutter the very same way you do, and you think it’s pure coincidence that I cock my head to the side at every question, listening intently-

I’m splitting image of you,

Full lips,

Dark skin,

My mother genes got lost in your stubbornness,

I’m the hard knock reminder of the night you,

Should have probably thought


You were you young and defiant-

Ambitious and charming-

But my birth was a casualty,

So you zipped, up and fled the scene-

I was born to a dead father—

Loved by a struggling mother and at 33 I was introduced to you—

You look nothing like the man in my dreams, your shorter, and your ears,

Are bigger, but you look like me,

It mattered then,

To a girls who’s one request was too,

Meet her father,

But today I’m 33

And I remember I was born to a dead father, and dead you shall remain.

©Aisha-Ndlovu 2014

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#49: A [Strange] Embrace

Our “I Love you’s” lay on the wayside,

Uttered and confused, they seemed lifeless,

Words that use to bounce between our lips so freely,

Now seemed breathless,


While you screamed in anguish,

I wondered,

And even Pondered,

Could they pull in just one more fight?

Get up before the countdown to ten,

But this was it-


And while we argued,

People sidestepped the awkwardness of

Lover’s games coming to an end,

And in the distance I saw a smile,


Behind a crowd of gawking faces

A stranger looked onward,

He wasn’t like the rest,

He seemed just as intent in making this love resurrect

And with all attention now set on him,


I couldn’t help notice the love so present in his eyes,

And Soon I forgot about my own unrest,

Quite nestled in the warmth of this strangers eyes,

I grew closer,

And as I did,

Love which had seemed so lifeless

Quickly resurrected,

In the presence of this strangers warm embrace.


By Aisha Nicole ©2013

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#48: Naked Soul-

I sat there,



And hoping that old bruises wouldn’t alarm you,

Old scars spoke too soon,

Singing a sad tale of years I spent searching for you,

The latest bruise still wept,

And the band aid I had used and reused,

Slid off as I,


With fragmented sentences,

Tried my best to explain why barring my soul,

In its entirety,

Had become just as hard as childbirth,

Just as scary as facing the barrel of a gun,

 And just as empty as the pursuit of fame and happiness,


At the end of my monologue,

In between a shield of tears,

I waited for an answer,

Fully prepared to hear the worst,

You drew in closer,

And gave me a blanket,

The sweetest gesture I could ever know,

To a girl who had just bared her naked soul.


©Aisha Nicole 2013

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#44: Everything in Nothing


I had partied the whole night,

I had danced with the wealthiest and most prominent,

I had dined in rooms of great opulence,

Laughed in hallways that echoed of great artists,

I had kissed the lips of poets and thinkers,

I had let the night engulf me,

And let both body and soul enjoy everything,

But in the morning,

I left with nothing.

©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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#43: Master of Disguise

Sometimes the beast is still the same,

Different walk and an accent to its name,

A little taller,

Or simply a lot rounder,


Different strides with a brighter smile,

But at night,


When all are asleep,

And guards have been let down,

The beast comes out to play,

And you realize,

All it did was change its name

©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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#42: Hello Sunshine

Soo I started another blog, in conjunction with this one. It’s going to be dedicated to fashion and the occasional adventures dealing with food. Okay, maybe a little bit more than occasional.  Instagram: aishannicole

Back to the Poem shall we–


Hello Sunshine

Somewhere across open seas,

Across haunting streets

And whistles of night crickets

Bypassing strange footsteps,

The night has set in-


But here at this very moment,


In a cozy room,

Nestled between skyscrapers,

With your heartbeat as the solo track

Its sunshine for you and me,

Entertained by childish games,

Retelling stories,

And long stretches of sweet silence,

Cradled with nothing but your smile,

Its sunshine for you and me-


Today I will be selfish,

Today I will embrace-

And bask in nothing but the gaze

Of my sweet sunshine


©By Aisha-Nicole

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#24: Winter Bliss

Winter Bliss

Have you ever been in a snow storm?

A tidal wave of individually crafted ice trinkets,

That cascade and overtake a landscape,

Manipulating the earth into a an endless stretch of starch white glimmer,


Have you ever been in a snow storm?


Where you desperately held onto every ounce of warmth,

Scared that if you didn’t, you’d become a prisoner to the cold-

The arch nemesis of summer,

And the cool cousin to the fall


Have you ever been in a snow storm?


The empty space that draws you into a chasm of well wished poems,

And sundried dreams, too late to hatch,

But too precious to be thrown away


Have you ever been in a snowstorm?


An excuse to hold their hands,

A silence of words but a sweet union of hearts,

Connected with nothing but the entanglement of five fingers,

Five simple messengers that confess,

I love you and only you-


Have you ever been in a snowstorm?


Where the world stood still and took the time to tap dance,

On an endless stage of crystalized snow,

Forgetting all the cares of this world,

I ask again-

Have you ever been in a snowstorm?


©Aisha-Nicole 2012

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#20: Brown-Eyed Beauty

Brown Eyed Beauty //

If I could whisper you a secret would you listen?

If I could tell you a short story about a brown- eyed beauty,

Would you spare a few seconds of your time for me,

I promise to make it quick,

I’ll hit you with a punch line,

And you’ll be on your way,

Back to making your millions,

Indulging your heart with frivolous things of life,

Feet floating and never sinking on anything concrete,

I promise that this won’t change your life.

Or make you rethink your choices,

Making you turn a head and consider,

At the of intersection childhood memories,

The decisions that you’ve made,

Doing anything to make a quick buck,

Even neglecting to remember the brown- eyed beauty,

Who sang in front of the mirror,

Creating beautiful worlds with nothing but her words,

Dancing to a destiny that she only heard of,

Giving back to those who just like her had suffered,

Nursing the sick like her own mother,

Who struggled to put food on the table but never struggled to,

Share her love, giving it out immensely, like it was medicine,

If I could whisper a secret, or better yet give you a mirror,

Hold it up and dare you to take a good look-

Would you realize that the brown- eyed beauty I speak of – was once you


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