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#20: Brown-Eyed Beauty

Brown Eyed Beauty //

If I could whisper you a secret would you listen?

If I could tell you a short story about a brown- eyed beauty,

Would you spare a few seconds of your time for me,

I promise to make it quick,

I’ll hit you with a punch line,

And you’ll be on your way,

Back to making your millions,

Indulging your heart with frivolous things of life,

Feet floating and never sinking on anything concrete,

I promise that this won’t change your life.

Or make you rethink your choices,

Making you turn a head and consider,

At the of intersection childhood memories,

The decisions that you’ve made,

Doing anything to make a quick buck,

Even neglecting to remember the brown- eyed beauty,

Who sang in front of the mirror,

Creating beautiful worlds with nothing but her words,

Dancing to a destiny that she only heard of,

Giving back to those who just like her had suffered,

Nursing the sick like her own mother,

Who struggled to put food on the table but never struggled to,

Share her love, giving it out immensely, like it was medicine,

If I could whisper a secret, or better yet give you a mirror,

Hold it up and dare you to take a good look-

Would you realize that the brown- eyed beauty I speak of – was once you


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#19: The Awkward Moment When…

…you find a grey hair or better yet someone points it out to you?!

I’m too young for this.

I exercise, I eat right, I try to say my prayers on time. But noo, how do I get rewarded? With a grey hair that’s just chilling.

Well I can either embrace it or dye it. I may give it a name too. Sir Silver Stride actually sounds kinda interesting doesn’t it?

Seriously though, when is the moment  you started to notice you just may be getting old.

I’d love to know, leave me a comment!!


Aisha and Silver Stride

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#16: Lost In Transit

What Do Shea Butter and Public Transportation Have in Common??

Put Both of them together and you have an afternoon of me riding around the city lost for a total of 1 hr.

The things a girl will do for her afro.

I don’t have a car at the moment and as a result I am at the mercy of the bus. I thought the trip would take no less than twenty minutes and according to my handy-dandy trip planner it should have. But that would have been too easy.​

I ended up 1/2 hr away from my destination and had to walk in the middle of no where.

I was honked at and winked at. I was wearing adorable shoes which were mistreated by the harsh gravel and intense distance I had to endure before the next bus stop.

Finally I made it to the store and got my shea butter.  But before I got to the store I was walking like a mad woman attempting to run and stay fashionably appealing while doing it. I lost the battle.

My face glistened from an 1 hrs worth of panicking and cursing my ill fortune of the day. To top it all of, the fro gods were not with me.

The lesson out of all this?  Bring popcorn on my next bus trip and wear sneakers. Ugly ones.

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