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#86: Sharp Tongues,

Sharp Tongues,

Today I saw a man die,

I saw words cut through his flesh,

I saw blood poured out,

As words infected blood lines,

And I watched closely,

As those called family,

Derailed his identity carelessly,

“sticks and bones they said”

I remembered the schoolyard rhyme

“but words will never hurt me”

 I wish those school yard kids,

 could see what I see

As I painfully stood witness,

To a man die slowly,

As sharp tongues with no remorse,

Willfully cut him deeply.

©Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#81: Unraveled.

Like re-watching a movie scene,

The revelation of the obvious,

the climax and then the fall,

The heartbreak,

and then the echo of a silenced soul

It’s an eerie feeling,

watching yourself unravel so quickly,

And to know,

exactly how the story goes.

© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#75: Dreaming Out Loud

Today marks the day I will forever refer to as D-Day. As in, the day I finally let Destiny hold my hand.

I got laid off this afternoon, and as if it were a movie scene, it was raining and I was left to gather my belongings. No hard feelings though. I wasn’t the only individual let go and it was due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

I shed a tear, I will not lie. Then I prayed, knelt down and thanked God for his goodness to me. This reaction completely shocked me, and had I been laid of months ago, I would have been a complete wreck.

Not today.

Today I will be thankful for the experience I gained and the friendships I made. Most of all, I will be thankful because you can never realize your destiny if you’re to comfortable with where you are.

With peace and great confidence I have to look myself in the mirror and say what I’ve been afraid to say all along.

I want to write for a living.

I want people to read my poetry and be moved and have an impact on people’s lives.

Somewhere between adolescence and adulthood, following your dream becomes frowned upon and left for those to stupid or to naive to consider the consequences. I want to know when it became stupid to dream out loud.

My birthday is next week, and I’m going to give myself the best gift of all. I’m going to let myself be me. With no hesitation, no explanation and no fear.

I have my whole life ahead of me and life is too short to live as someone else.

So three cheers to me following my dream. Someday, this post will be the introduction to a moving speech, and an award winning book. Why? because tonight I am dreaming out loud.

Aisha Nicole

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#67: Death: At the Hands of Hypocrisy

She surrounded herself with lovers,

Made her home in the bosom of an open sea
Spoke the language off the young and free,
Dined openly with the outcasts,
Challenged society,
And wore her heart openly,

She was everything I dreamed to be

But she had long died,

In a war of hypocrisy

©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#53: Easy Game

If love is a game,

They must be a loser,

One heart will suffer,

Left to ask questions that have no answers,

Screaming at silent white walls,

Reciting and rewriting every love letter,

Cursed to do the dirty work,

Left behind to investigate blurry cues of when love bid adieu,

One person will always suffer,

And the sad reality,

The truth to this game,

Is we all strive to be the winner,

Because losing at love,

Is never an easy game-

©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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#50: Three’s a Company.

In between warm sheets,

Under soft lights and city vibes,

You and I lay hand in hand,

But you didn’t see lonely creep in,

He stood by the door way,

His silhouette mocking every kiss and every soft hand gesture,

He was even there when you whispered I love you-


And while you were gone,

He crept into the sheets,

The bed was warm,

But his hands were cold and soon the sheets were too-

So please,

Don’t be mad at me,

I tried,

I would even die trying


But I’m tired,

Tired of lying

Tired of attempting to push aside every doubt that this will ever work,

Trying to deny that lonely hasn’t caught up to me,

He’s in the bed baby,


And three’s always been a company


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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#47: I Need You

I don’t say it often,


And when I do I need the help of witty words and graphic cards,

Aisles of peppermint candy and roses (if your that lucky),

To say I love you-

I wait for those special days, like Christmas,

And half birthdays to remind you I constantly need you,

And in case you ever forgot,

Here’s my heart wrapped in this cheap box,

Because today I forgot was your birthday,

And I’ll smile and you’ll blow out your candles

But inside I know I lied,

And tomorrow will just be like yesterday,

And you’ll yearn for me to express just how much I need you,

But of course you can’t say anything,

Because it’s not your birthday,

And valentines isn’t around the corner,


So you’ll have to wait,

Just wait,


Laying on the left side of a cold bed and contemplate,

Watch my every move and see if I still care for you,

Because somewhere along the line “I love you” became scarce,

And so you put on a strong face,

But with every minute and every hour,

Your heart grew one hole deeper,

And in the end,

“I love you” was traded in for midnight hate fights,

And arguments to painful to even whisper,

My ears bleed to false accusations but your heart had been bleeding,


So baby,

Before we get to that point,

I wrote this just for you.


It’s mid-July and your birthday isn’t till December,

But before it’s too hard to remember,

Why we even started this together,

I wanted to say I love you.

No gimmicks or dollar store candy,

Just me saying I need you.


By Aisha Nicole

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#46: Open Hands-

Open Hands-


Calloused with years of trying to fix it over and over again,

Finger tips that no longer sense,

Hanging helplessly, at the end of open hands,

These hands,

Buy time until once again

The cycle begins,

Aiding and imbedding lies,

Intertwined in false harmony,

Holding tightly to the warmth of future dreams,

Only to be exposed to closed fists,

Emotional rollercoasters,

And nights of blue pretense,


Open hands-


Trying once again,

This time,

They open slower,

One fingertip at a time,

To shy and too afraid to expose

Long lines of pain,

Occasional Rough spots,

And signs of abandonment,

My hands,

Wait for the reunion with your hands-


But they won’t wait forever



©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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#40: [Re]loaded



One shot away from losing everything,

All on the hope of winning something,

I’m feeling lucky,

Holding my breath,

Counting ‘til ten,

This is it-


No looking bad,

And waffling through the madness,

Today is the future I dreamt of,

Under dark lit skies,

Hand stitched with nothing but dreams of a better tomorrow,

Larger than life getaways,

And long stretches of victory,

Tasting of nothing but sweet success,


One day,

One simple Monday,

Will mark the day destiny taps me on the shoulder,

On the corner of persistence and desire,

And calls me by my middle name-


I’m fully loaded


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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#36: Walking Contradictions-

The sunrise after a bleak night,

New birth after hours of intense labor and screams

To loud and to painful,

The risk of death,

The triumph of an arrival,



A flow of water infused salt droplets

And the gentle fingers that wash them away,


Body issues,

Contemplating surgery to fix perfection

Gods little dimples,

Originality in all its complexity

Sold out to look like water washed copies,



Finding solace in arms of another,

Stolen waters always seem sweeter,

Allies of lies,

Bypasses of secret rhymes,

And what they say is true,

You can’t find love in the pain of others,



Nursing future world leaders,

Tomorrow’s dreamers,

Today’s neglected,


Walking contradictions,

I see them every day,

And sometimes I see them looking straight back at me


©Aisha-Nicole 2013

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