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#90 Sweet Lies–

I didn’t have to look hard-

I just followed honey laced lies,

Watched closely as your lips dripped with sweet stories

You were good at this,

Weaving intricate lies

Accounting for every detail

Pronouncing every syllable

Speaking so eloquently,

You were a one man show

But lies are like honey-

Leaving trails of sticky residue

You became messy

Monologues of last nights whereabouts began to stick

Thursday’s events trailed into Monday’s itinerary

And no longer could you simply depend on your memory,

So I waited-

Followed your trail back to the beehive,

And sure enough you had been busy,

Bees never lie

And that night baby,

I discovered where you hide.

© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#89: Dying Alone

“I cried when I realized he had lived his whole life a complete lie.”

© Aisha- Nicole 2015

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#11: Nothing But The Truth (sometimes)

The Truth Shall Set You Free.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with that phase or some slight variation of the other.  From a young age I’ve heard this and tried to live my life accordingly. The truth is sometimes “nothing but the truth” isn’t that easy. I’m sure I’m probably the only heathen who has a hard time saying the truth in compromising situations. However, I’m simply stating a human flaw that I have. No, I am not a pathological liar (and No, i am not in denial either). My problem is I have a bad case of NICE. If you haven’t heard of the disease let me save you some time surfing google and tell you.

 NICE refers to an individual who takes into consideration the feelings of others WAY too much and as a result, resolves to lying in order to save the other individuals face. Or maybe it just means they’re a coward but I like the medical term better.

Recently my case of NICE got really bad and in affairs of the heart it rarely has a good outcome.

Normally when I guy is interested in me I try to take all 100+ routes in hinting I don’t feel the same until I have to be blunt. I hate being blunt. Makes me feel awkward and the suitor.

I’m saying all this because my intentions are honest but in the end I feel that I do disservice to myself and the other individual. I really did like him but all I want to be is friends and he hated that Idea. Truly hated it.

I think I’m going to invent a heat detector that increases in intensity if the butterflies are mutual. This way we can walk away no feelings hurt. But who am I kidding. We’d probably still try to explain why our heat lamp didn’t go off. I’d probably lie and say I’m out of batteries. Ugh. Life.

Thanx for reading. I’m sure you wanted to know all this information lol.

Cheers Girls and Boys

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