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#92: It’s True

It’s true,

Sometimes I write about you,

Like therapy to an addict,

I’m trying to rid myself of you,

Yeah, it’s true

Sometimes I wish I had never met you,

But with every word and every line,

I will no longer be affected you.


© Aisha-Nicole 2016

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#91: Kiss Me,

Kiss me slowly,

Kiss me deliberately,

Kiss me like the time your parents caught us,

Kiss me before the walls start telling our secrets,

Kiss me like New Year’s Eve when the clock struck 12

And we thought we had eternity,

Kiss me like the day you got accepted into Law School,

Kiss me like I haven’t told you the worse news of your life,

Because when you let go of my finger tips,

And you walk out those hospital doors

And you finally loose it,

Because we’re just two humans trying to be strong for one another,

And you eventually drive cross country,

And sad songs are your only company,

I want you to remember the kisses and not the sorrow,

So let’s not waste anymore time,

Pretending that this wont be our last time,

Just kiss me,

And this time,

kiss me slowly.


© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#87: Leftovers

I gave you my heart,

All of what was left of it,

I should have known better,

For now it’s worse,

Than what I started with

© Aisha-Nicole 2015

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#73: This Side of Me



The reality is I’m still scared,

Afraid to exhale

I’ve been fighting with years of baggage,

And I would claim it,

But that would mean owning up to past mistakes,

Lost causes,

And occasional outbreaks of low self-esteem,

I’m telling you this as you sleep,

But I want to look you in the eye,

And let you see the un-manicured side of me,

But it’s too late,

I’ve been wearing this mask for too long,

And I’m afraid it’s become a part of me.

© Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#72: Inhale

I tasted your past,

Loved it for what it had made you,

I inhaled your dreams,

Intertwined them with mine,

I let you in,

And I thought you had done the same,

But sometimes,

Secrets lie in between warm sheets.

© Aisha-Nicole 2014

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The more I long for you,

The more you steer away,

Baby, I’ll never understand

These games you play.

Aisha- Nicole 2014

#71: Childish Games

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#69- The Sound of Love

I listened closely,

And recognized the soft cadence,

Of love coming to an end,

The room was warm,

And streams of sunlight made their way through white blinds,

Sunrays played a darling dance between your temples,

And just like that,

I was quickly reminded of why I first fell in love with you,

Moments passed,

And the last note came to an end-

In a soft lit room,

on the outskirts of humming streets,

I listened closely,

While the soft sound of love,

Came to an end.

©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#67: Death: At the Hands of Hypocrisy

She surrounded herself with lovers,

Made her home in the bosom of an open sea
Spoke the language off the young and free,
Dined openly with the outcasts,
Challenged society,
And wore her heart openly,

She was everything I dreamed to be

But she had long died,

In a war of hypocrisy

©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#63: I would

I would fight for you

lie for you

climb Mountains for you

What I won’t do

Is sell my soul for you

©Aisha-Nicole 2014

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#61: Africa, Oh Africa

She wore her traditions like royal garments,


Cloaked in her father’s history and her mother’s suffering,

She was the byproduct of their affair gone wrong,

She spoke like her father but moved like her mother,

Adorned with deep lines of many tribes,

She smelled like her ancestors,

And In her voice you heard tales of love and war-


In her bosom,


Lay the heartbreak of brothers and sisters,

The bloodshed of boys and men,

Neighbors who forgot what they were fighting for,

Surrounded by Violence and brutality,

She was homeless in her own home,


Trying to regain her foot in society,

She hoped that the future would end all inequality,

She longed for barefoot dances,

United drum beats in city centers,

Laughter that outstretched poverty,

And she dreamed of days were love was the only exchange,


In a war cry,

With a chorus sung so beautifully,

She sang of the country she used to know,


“Africa, oh Africa,

This too shall pass,

The horizon is coming,

And this too shall pass”


©Aisha-Nicole 2014



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